Humanizing Birth: Launching Critical Midwifery Studies

11.07.2022 00:00 Uhr – 15.07.2022 00:00 Uhr

Art der Veranstaltung: Workshop

Ort: online

Globally, the call for the humanization of childbirth is loud and urgent. The amount of childbirth related trauma, the rates of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in BIPOC communities, as well as the reluctance midwifery has to be inclusive of all genders, testify that we are getting something not quite right. Midwifery is often proposed as a way to ensure emotionally and physically safe care for all.

The summer school aims to develop a critical theory (intersectional feminist, critical race, queer, planetary, anti-capitalist, decolonial) perspective on midwifery.

It will explore the potential of „Critical Midwifery Studies“. Together, will the seminar attendees develop what a critical perspective on midwifery could be.

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Registration deadline: 01 April 2022 / ETCS credits: 2

6. Int. Conference

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