7th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science

Sustainability in Midwifery

8-9 February 2024

in Berlin, Germany

All presentations will be translated simultaneously.

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Aim of the conference

The 6th International Conference is intended to serve the professional exchange and networking of midwives and other professions in the German-speaking and European area, who are active in research, teaching or (extra-)clinical practice and who are interested in midwifery science. It aims to create a space for reflection and discussion that stimulates research interests, innovative approaches to midwifery care and encourages reflection on (extra-) clinical experiences and own research activities.

During the conference, research results and scientific-methodological challenges of midwifery science as well as relevant related sciences will be presented for discussion in lectures and poster presentations.

Poster Awards

The best three posters will be awarded during the conference. The winners can look forward to the following prizes: 1st prize (150€), 2nd prize (100€) and 3rd prize (50€).

Conference organisation

presumably: Protestant University of Applied Sciences Berlin




Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e.V.
Postfach 1242
31232 Edemissen

Accommodation in Berlin

Hotel contingents for the DGHWi 2024 conference will appear here soon.

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